What I'll be Watching Friday at WGC-CA Championship

What I’ll be Watching Friday at WGC-CA Championship

It must be frustrating being Sergio Garcia. Hold it, what am I saying? He’s a
multi-millionaire, eligible bachelor, gifted athlete, fluent in at least two
languages and he’s got everything ahead of him. His golf, though, must frusrate
him at times. All the better European caddies will tell you that nobody hits
irons better than this guy, and he drives it a mile and often in play. For him
to shoot 70 at Doral on Thursday is like somebody else shooting 80. It’s all
about putting, and putting, to some degree, is about mental toughness, and, in
my opinion, mental toughness is his only weakness. (Although he thrives in Ryder
Cup play in that department.) What will Sergio do on Friday, mail it in and miss
the cut and regroup on some course that has bigger holes? What? There is no cut
at Doral? OK, he’ll be playing for three more rounds. When Tiger’s bad round is
Thursday he just gets better and better as the tournament continues. Sergio
needs to take a page from that if he ever really wants to challenge Tiger as the
best player in the world. On Friday, we’ll get a little glimpse into his heart
and soul.