Golf date for Tiger and Obama?

February 4, 2009

What happened when the golf-world No. 1 met the real-world No. 1? They made plans to play golf, of course.
Tiger Woods uncharacteristically got involved in politics last month when he spoke at the inauguration celebration for President Barack Obama. Although his speech was decidedly nonpolitical — he praised military families, a subject important to him because he grew up in one — Woods’s presence alone attracted interest and comments from sports fans around the country.
However, we never heard what he and Obama talked about. In his newsletter released Tuesday, Woods filled us in.
"He was very busy, so we didn’t get to talk much," Woods said of Obama. "I didn’t want to get in his way. I did ask him if he wanted to play golf and he said, ‘I’d love to.’ So we’ll make it happen. I think the thing that impressed me the most about him was the way he carries himself. He has great leadership qualities, and his accomplishment truly embodies what’s best about America. He represents what we as Americans have in common, not perceived differences."