Report: Woods is a champion cheapskate

Report: Woods is a champion cheapskate

Remember the
opening scene in Reservoir Dogs where the criminals meet in a diner, and Steve Buscemi refuses to
throw in a buck to the waitress who’s been serving the gang coffee as
they plot a jewelry store heist. "I don’t tip because society says I
have to," Buscemi says. "All right, if someone
deserves a tip, if they really put forth an effort, I’ll give them
something a little something extra. But this tipping automatically,
it’s for the birds. As far as I’m concerned, they’re just doing their

That must be Tiger Woods’s favorite movie. According to an item in
Sunday’s New York Post
, when Woods hits Las Vegas he likes to spend,
but not on tipping waiters and waitresses. "Whenever Tiger was in Las Vegas, there was a woman who would hang out
with his group, sort of as a local guide," says our source. "They would
have a great time but Tiger never tips. Ever. She had to stop going out
with him because it would cost her three or four hundred bucks every
time they went out, since she had to keep tipping for him. Even though
he paid the bill, people knew her, so [to not leave a gratuity] would
reflect badly on her."

Woods’s alleged tightwad ways also have landed him on’s list
of 34 Notoriously Bad Celebrity Tippers
(he’s No. 23, right after Britney Spears), although the web site adds
that Woods’s excuse is that he doesn’t carry cash.

Man, you’ve got to be really rich to get away with that one.

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