Correction: The other really bad Tiger Gillette ad voted year's worst

Correction: The other really bad Tiger Gillette ad voted year’s worst

UPDATE: It turns out that Tiger Woods’ Gilette ad described below was not voted the year’s worst commercial, as reported by The Daily Mail newspaper. The real worst commercial was a different Gillette commercial featuring Woods, tennis player Roger Federer and soccer star Thierry Henry. Sorry for the confusion and thanks to alert reader Adam for the head’s up. You can watch the real worst ad of the year here. Tiger Woods’ career as a corporate pitchman is taking some hits. American Express didn’t renew his deal in 2007, and then GM dropped him as its most famous Buick salesman last month. Now comes another snub: ahis Gilette commercial with tennis player Roger Federer and soccer star Thierry Henry was voted the year’s worst commercial by an English industry magazine. (And TV is much worse over there!)

The plot of the ad is that Woods, Federer and Henry are stopping guys from using the Gilette Mach 3 by hitting them with golf balls, soccer ball and tennis balls so that they’ll buy the new five-blade Gilette Fusion Power razor. It’s not worst thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s pretty bad, and the three athletes do look a little in the final shot with their nightclub suits and forced smiles. What I don’t understand is why Tiger shares the spotlight in these ads. I’ve heard that soccer is popular in other countries so I understand why Henry is in the commercial, and Tiger and Federer are famous friends and Nike guys, but, he’s TIGER WOODS for crying out loud. The guy who brought us great ads like “Hello World” and the one where he bounces the ball off his wedge, and the one where he does a decent impersonation of Carl Spackler from Caddyshack. That guy is now on equal billing with a soccer player and a tennis player? Tiger famously changed his coach and his caddie when he was unhappy with them. A couple more commercials like that Gilette one and Tiger might consider switching agents.

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