Phil Mickelson's Entourage star turn

Phil Mickelson’s Entourage star turn

Philmickelsonentouragehbo_2 As you may have heard, Phil Mickelson was on HBO’s Entourage last night. We haven’t tracked down the complete video yet, but you can see a quick clip of Phil in the video summary on this page, and you can read the contrived plot here.
I’m several episodes behind in my viewing, but I fast-forwarded through the on-demand replay this morning, and essentially, it went like this: Ari challenges a movie executive to a game of golf with hopes of winning a spot for Vince in an upcoming movie. The exec has an ace coach in Lefty, however, so Ari is doomed from the start.
Not a lot of great lines for Phil in his HBO debut, but his delivery was OK, if not exactly inspired. Two highlights, such as they were: At the start, Phil walks up as the "surprise" coach and says, "Hey partner. Is this whose ass we’re going to kick today?" At the end (I won’t ruin the fiendishly clever plot twist), they gave Phil a punchline. Ari, facing a chip he must make on 18, asks Phil if he has any advice. "Pray," Mickelson replied.
What did you think of Phil’s performance? Would Tiger ever agree to a similar opportunity, and if so, would he agree to drop an A-bomb like Mickelson? Let us know what you thought of the show by leaving a comment below.