Ryder Cup 'volunteers' pay for right to work

Ryder Cup ‘volunteers’ pay for right to work

It’s no secret that the Ryder Cup brings the PGA of America tens of millions of dollars in profits. But you might be surprised to hear that the PGA further pads its bottom line by charging each of its 3,600 volunteers a $220 admission fee.
That’s nearly $800,000 in all.
The fee goes toward costs associated with the volunteers, such as uniforms, food vouchers, securing a parking lot for them off Old Henry Road and running shuttles for them to the course — but it does not cover all those costs, Tara Guenthner, a PGA of America official, told the Louisville Courier-Journal.
For 16 hours of work the volunteers also receive daily access to the event with the privileges of an upgraded ticket worth $555.
Still, a fee? For volunteering to wrangle galleries, pick up trash and silence hecklers?
I’d rather watch from home. For free.