Perry's local knowledge doesn't pay off on Thursday

Perry’s local knowledge doesn’t pay off on Thursday

Perry_ridgewood Each year during the FBR Open, which is played at the TPC Scottsdale, television announcers make a big deal out of the Valley Effect.
The idea is that all putts break away from Pinnacle Peak and toward the city of Phoenix, which sits in a valley several miles away. Putts that look like they should roll straight actually have a subtle break. Kenny Perry thinks that there is a similar effect at Ridgewood. "I have the secret out here, and if I tell you, everyone is going to know," he said earlier this week.
Nonetheless, Perry went on to explain what he’s learned. "You know the ridge that runs through the middle of the golf course? It’s true, everything breaks away from the ridge to matter where you are."
According to Perry, his caddie spoke with some locals around the club and got the information. "If you understand the Ridge Effect, you can get a feel for the speed of the greens. Knowing that, it may not look downhill if you’re going away from that ridge, but it’s going to be a fast putt no matter what."
Unfortunately for Perry, his local knowledge did not pay big dividends on Thursday — he needed 30 putts to complete his round. (Photo by Chris Condon/Getty Images)