Tiger out of Ryder Cup -- forever?

Tiger out of Ryder Cup — forever?

There’s a little blip on Tiger’s Web site, tigerwoods.com, in which he says he was offered the chance to be an assistant captain to Paul Azinger for this year’s Ryder Cup matches, at Valhalla, in Louisville, Ky. He declined the invitation, for reasons he cites on his website. Here are seven of the reasons he didn’t cite:
1) I was last at  Valhalla in 2000, for the PGA Championship, where I beat Bob May in a playoff. I’m gonna need a little more incentive to go back.
2) The thing I like about this knee rehab is that it gets me OUT of the Ryder Cup.
3) I’m trying to set myself out of the 2009 Presidents Cup, and showing up at this year’s Ryder Cup only hurts those chances.
4) I’ll be busy that week with family stuff, teaching Sam the stinger and how to carry a cellphone and a box of Nike shoes to avoid autograph hounds.
5) If I go to the Ryder Cup I might have to answer questions about my knee. I’d rather clean Butchie’s car.
6) In the team room, I’d have to act like I feel we have a better team than the Euros. My acting’s pretty good, but there are limits.
7) I have more good friends on the Euro team than the American team — where does the "w" go in awkward?