More questions about Paula Creamer

Creamer_299 It was painful to watch Paula Creamer’s Sunday meltdown at the Women’s Open, the latest disappointment in major championships for this talented player. Creamer appears to have all the tools to win majors but I’m detecting a lack of belief.
On the 9th hole she took an eternity to size up a tough chip from behind the green, as if she were afraid to pull the trigger. Her indecision was evident when she then knocked her ball all the way off the front of the green, leading to a fatal double bogey. (Her playing partner Stacy Lewis, from nearly the same spot, showed tremendous imagination and execution by killing her ball in the rough and letting it trickle toward the hole.)
At another point during the final round Creamer’s caddie held a putter against the bill of her cap as she made practice swings. It’s a simple drill designed to help Creamer get the feel for keeping her head still through her swing. Isn’t that something a good player does on the range, not when she is in the final pairing on Sunday at the U.S. Open?  If she has to do a drill with her caddie when the heat is on, how much does Creamer really believe in her swing? Makes you wonder.
(Photo: Fred Vuich/SI)