U.S. bookmakers' bet on Tiger pays off

U.S. bookmakers’ bet on Tiger pays off

I guess British bookmakers didn’t get the Las Vegas memo: Don’t bet against Tiger Woods. Ever. Even if his leg is broken in two places.
According to Golf Magazine’s man in the UK, Paul Mahoney, British bookies ended up losing about $2 million each when Woods won the U.S. Open because after his surgery and layoff, odds for Woods winning his 14th major fell to 7-2 (down from 5-4 earlier in the year). In Las Vegas, sports books didn’t make the same mistake. On the eve of the tournament, Caesar’s Palace’s had Woods at 6 to 5
odds, meaning a $5 bet wins you $6. Nobody’s getting rich that way, especially when Woods was only one of 156 guys competing at Torrey Pines.
"We did well with Tiger winning, and the crowd and the atmosphere here in the book at Caesars on both Sunday and Monday was unreal–it was standing room only," said Chuck Esposito, assistant vice president of race
and sports at Caesar’s Palace. "The fact that the odds on Tiger were still relatively low throughout the tournament even after coming back form his injury contributed to the successful outcome."
In other news, British bookmakers set the odds of the Road Runner escaping Wile E. Coyote at 8 to 1.

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