Ogilvy in the hunt but not content

Ogilvy in the hunt but not content

June13_oogilvy_600x399 It’s hard to be satisfied at the Open. Even former Open champion Geoff Ogilvy knows that. Ogilvy shot 69 in the opening round but followed it with 73 today. He’s even par and near the top of the leader board.
“After yesterday, I thought someone will get to four under,” he said. “It should have been easier today but it didn’t seem that easy to me, maybe because I wasn’t playing quite as well.”

Ogilvy missed short putts on the sixth and seventh holes, lipped out another on the eighth and just missed a chip on the 10th. He could have had a nice little run there, but didn’t.

“Sometimes you can contend in the U.S. Open and feel like you’re playing horribly because you’re bogeying holes," he said. “It’s hard to know because you can hit good shots and still make bogeys."

He is reminded of the message he got before the final Open round at Winged Foot in ’06 from the ABC commentator Judy Rankin, who told him that everyone opens the paper Monday morning after the Open and is surprised by how high the winning score was.

“I still think about that every time I play in the U.S. Open,” he said. (Photo: John Biever/SI)