Tee time with Tiger? Going once...

Tee time with Tiger? Going once…

** Update, June 9: The auction is over, and the winning bid was $130,100.
What kind of person would spend $57,100 $60,000 $61,600 $102,000 $125,100 (and counting) to play golf with Tiger Woods? Now we know. Sort of.
The Buick Open is hawking a pro-am tee time with Tiger Woods on eBay, and the bidders’ bidding histories help paint a rough picture.
For instance, we can assume that one bidder, identified as n***n, is a music buff (11 bids on CDs in the last three days). D***m is an outdoorsman (bird and wildlife accessories). And i***s works out (sports supplements).
Personally I’m pulling for the current high bidder, g***i, a dog-loving, car-seeking, gardening-enthusiast with a stylish flair (rhinestones!). Want in? The auction ends Saturday.