How to score Masters practice round tickets

Getting tickets for the Masters may seem out of reach for the average person, but it’s not. You still have a chance to score practice round tickets, which are sold via lottery, if you act quickly.

As a public service, let me tell you how it works.

First, you’ll need a practice round application. You can get one by getting on the practice round mailing list. Simply send your name, address, e-mail address, Social Security number and daytime telephone number to: Masters Tournament Practice Rounds, P.O. Box 2047, Augusta, GA 30903-2047.
When the application arrives, you’ll need to fill it out and specify the days you want to attend. Tickets are $36 for Monday and Tuesday, and $41 for Wednesday if your application is chosen.

Here’s the important part: You’ve got to return the completed application  by July 15. That’s not much time. So if you’re interested, you’d better request an application immediately.

If your application is selected in the lottery and you win the chance to buy practice round tickets, you’ll hear from the club, and then you’ll be asked to provide payment. You can order up to four tickets per day. If you don’t win, you hear nothing.

As for tournament round tickets, forget it. You can’t even get on the waiting list, which was closed in 1978 and reopened in 2000 only to be closed again. You’re out of luck. For more information, go to