Driving Tiger's car is cool, even if it's a Buick

Driving Tiger’s car is cool, even if it’s a Buick

“Everybody’s talking at me, I can’t hear what they’re saying, just driving around in Tiger Woods’ car.” Tiger_300
The great historian Dr. Martin Von Nostrand once said that those who don’t know their Seinfeld episodes are doomed to repeat them. If that’s true, then Bill Sopko has not seen the one where George buys a Chrysler LaBaron convertible because he believes it belonged to actor Jon Voight. According to the LA Times, Sopko bought a fully loaded Buick Enclave with a visor autographed by Tiger Woods for $46,000 at a Tiger Jam charity auction in Las Vegas this week. (The list price is $36,955.)
Make sure you check that signature closely, Bill. George found out when he checked the owner’s manual that he had actually bought John Voight’s car.
"I love Buicks and I have one now, but my wife hates it,” Sopko told the LA Time. “She wanted me to buy a different car.”
For what it’s worth, all we have to say is, “Boss!”
(Photo: Chris Park/AP)

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