Should golf fans be making noise?

The CEO for a company I used to work for once pitched an idea from his 15-year-old son at a meeting, and all of us cowardly automatons around the conference table said, “Hmmm, interesting. We’ll take a look at that.” What we should have said was, “Hey, how about we leave the professional stuff to, you know, professionals, and we’ll call your son when we need to know about emo music or huffing.”
So I’m not predisposed to look to America’s youth for answers to the world’s problems or anything else. However, student journalist Kyle Betts, in a Daily Illini column titled “Save the Great Game From Itself,” says that the golf may be a little slow for the 21st century sports fan — his phrase is “God-awful boring” — and he has some insightful suggestions about what needs changing. Here, in boiled-down form, is Kyle’s prescription for what ails the game: 1. Play More Match-Play Events 2. Liven Up TV Broadcasts 3. Let the Fans Be Fans (That is, let them be loud.)
This last recommendation would be the most controversial, but the rowdy 16th hole at the FBR Open has made it one of the few must-watch regular Tour stops of the year (and Tiger doesn’t even play there).
By the way, Kyle, do you have a job lined up after graduation? How about PGA Tour commissioner?
***Tell us what you think. Does golf need to adapt to today’s sports fans or should they adapt to golf? Join the discussion below.

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