Boo's Mom to Tee It Up

Boo’s Mom to Tee It Up

Patsy Weekley will play with her son Boo in the Wednesday pro-am at the Verizon Heritage in Hilton Head, S.C., but she was a late entry, and Boo had to pull some strings. “I figured as the defending champion he might be able to get me in,” Patsy said at the Masters, where Boo finished 20th in his first try for the green jacket.
Boo’s mom is the athlete in the family, according to her husband Tom. (He modestly adds, “I can’t walk and chew gum.”) Patsy was a two-time all-state pick as a fast-pitch softball pitcher and shortstop at Morgan County High School of Hartselle, Ala. She’s a passable golfer, too, having played to a 10 handicap in the past, and Boo considers her one of his swing coaches.
“Boo and I talk,” Patsy said at Augusta. “Sometimes if he’s at home and having a problem, he’ll ask me to come out to the range and take a look. But he doesn’t like to tinker with his swing. A lot of things, he can just see it on a video and pick out what he’s doing wrong.”
Note to Boo for the pro-am: Remember to comb your hair and tuck in your shirt. (Photo: Weekley after winning the Verizon Heritage last year, by Steve Grayson/