These SeeMore putters will improve your accuracy just by looking at them at address

December 5, 2019

If you’ve ever picked up a SeeMore putter, you’ve probably noticed it: surrounded by a pair of white lines on the top of the putterhead. It’s called RifleScope and is featured on all SeeMore’s putters. Indeed, it’s the signature of the brand.

But what does the RifleScope actually do?

1. Bad - When the red dot appears, you know your setup is whack. 2. Good - No red dot? Pull the trigger.

The concept was taken from the shooting industry, another sport where accuracy is of supreme importance, and it’s relatively simple. When you address the ball with what SeeMore calls a “neutral” setup position—your hands even with the ball and the putterface square to the target—the red dot (from your perspective) will “disappear” behind the shaft with the two white lines on each side of the shaft remaining in full view. But if you overtly forward-press the shaft (which can affect the roll of your putt) or allow the putterface to drift open or closed (which leads to directional issues), the red dot will pop. It’s like a traffic light: When you see red, stop!

RifleScope is essentially a built-in training aid, designed to help you set up in the exact same position every time. And while the technology is best suited for golfers who prefer less forward press, it underscores an important message: Whatever setup position you use, make sure you get into it consistently.

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