Chris Kirk apologies for saying anchored putters should feel 'guilty'

Chris Kirk apologies for saying anchored putters should feel ‘guilty’

Chris-KirkStep away from the iPhone and put the bottle down!
If the modern world of sports has taught us anything, it's that booze and social media make awkward bed fellows.
As the latest example, consider the PGA Tour's Chris Kirk, who apologized Sunday after dispatching a flurry of apparently tipsy tweets.
While watching the Australian Masters on TV this weekend, Kirk, winner of the McGladrey Classic, voiced his distaste for anchored putting, suggesting that players who used the method should feel "guilty."
(The winner of the Australian event was none other than broomstick putter Adam Scott.)
Kirk also said that the USGA had put players in an awkward position by not outlawing anchored putting right away, and he mused, by way of Twitter, "Kuch is my boy, but who did he pay off to make his method legal?" — referring to Matt Kuchar's armbar putting style.
No sooner had his comments hit the Twittersphere than Kirk seemed to feel, well, guilty. He deleted the Kuchar post, and apologized for being disrespectful to his friends and peers on Tour.
"Everyone is entitled to their opinion," he wrote, "but I cross the line. Don't drink and tweet!" For more news that golfers everywhere are talking about, follow @si_golf on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube video channel.

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