Caddie caught in the crossfire in Alex Rodriguez doping scandal

Caddie caught in the crossfire in Alex Rodriguez doping scandal

Alex Rodriguez

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If the Alex Rodriguez doping scandal didn't already have the makings of big-time backpage drama, The New York Times added enough sex, drugs and celebrity on Sunday to send Gotham's tabloids into overdrive. According to a report by Steve Eder, Serge F. Kovaleski and Michael S. Schmidt, investigators for both Major League Baseball and Alex Rodriguez "have engaged in a cloak-and-dagger struggle surpassing anything the sport has seen," some of which took place on a golf course.
Rob Manfred, COO of Major League Baseball and Bud Selig's likely successor as commissioner, played a round of golf with his son and another MLB executive at Manhattan Woods Golf Club in West Nyack just as Rodriguez began his appeal of his 211-game suspension. A former employee of the club reportedly sent an email to Rodriguez's lawyer claiming that Manfred had been discussing details of the case on the course.

The investigators quickly caught up with Jason Firestone, the caddie who had been with Mr. Manfred. Mr. Firestone said they told him that if he did not cooperate, “the golf course was going to go under.”
“They kept calling me, telling me they were going to ruin my life,” Mr. Firestone said about his conversations with the investigators.
The former employee who submitted the original tip then reached out to Mr. Rodriguez’s representatives again. He explained that he was a fan of the Yankees and Mr. Rodriguez, and had fabricated the story.
Eric Gallowitz, the private investigator who questioned Mr. Firestone, denied that he bullied Mr. Firestone. “Never happened,” he said.

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