Mickelson: 'I'm swinging awful. I'm doing everything wrong.'

Mickelson: ‘I’m swinging awful. I’m doing everything wrong.’

PhilU.S. Open heartbreaks notwithstanding, is this the saddest-sounding Phil Mickelson ever? 
After shooting an opening round 71 at the CIMB Classic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He's tied for 21st at 1-under, but from the sound of his quotes, you'd think he failed to break 90.
How many times have you heard laments like these in the clubhouse at your local course? Granted, they're most likely after a 101 instead of a 71. The wildest thing about Mickelson's depressed assessment of his game? He carded five birdies. 

  • "I can't remember swinging this bad in a long time, and as I shoot video of my swing, I'm doing everything wrong."
  • "The path of the club is too inside, then it's vertical, the head's moving, my legs are loose.  Divots are steep."
  • "It's terrible."
  • "This is the worst I've hit and I can't find the middle of the club face. And I'm not sure if the ball is going to go dead left or snap hook right and it's a frustrating time tee to green."
  • "I'm trying something every single shot. I'm trying something different. And I've been doing this now since the British Open. After I took a week off I came back and Butch and I worked at the PGA and the Tour Championship. And we just haven't been able to get it figured out … it's way off right now."
  • "It's as far off as it's ever been."
  • "Yeah, I'm nuts."
  • "I'm swinging awful. I'm swinging terribly at the ball. And even though I hit some good shots, the divots aren't right and the path of the club isn't right. This is as bad as I've swung at the ball."
  • "You know, the lead for me right now is irrelevant. It's so far off that that's the last thing on my mind, because I just don't know where the ball's going. I would go hit balls, but I don't know what to do to try to fix it. I don't even know what to try to do. So no."

Mickelson did offer one ray of hope about his game.
"I'm putting okay."
Way to stay positive, Phil. (Photo: Khalid Redza/Asian Tour/Asian Tour via Getty Images) For more news that golfers everywhere are talking about, follow @si_golf on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube video channel.

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