Fox Sports plans on innovating U.S. Open broadcasts

Fox Sports plans on innovating U.S. Open broadcasts

175925664When Fox Sports takes over the broadcasting for the U.S. Open in 2015, fans can expect something different when the tournament makes it way to Chambers Bay outside of Seattle.
Fox is expecting a lot as well, spending $1 billion to broadcast the tournament over 12 years.
What changes you will see on your television, no one knows just yet, but Fox brass are betting that fans will stay entertained. Look for more cameras on and around the golf and some technical innovation.

Viewers can expect "the Fox attitude, energy, enthusiasm and toughness," Eric Shanks,
co-president of the Fox Sports Media Group told The Hollywood Reporter. "We'll work hand in hand
with the USGA to tell the stories through technology and interesting
on-air personalities."

Fox is known for doing things outside of the box, including its expanded score box in baseball and its fluorescent puck in hockey.

"Can we do things that maybe haven't been done before," adds Shanks,
"things fans can appreciate that bring the sport into their living rooms
in a way that is a bit more compelling?"

One question fans might have: Will the Fox mascot, Cleatus, make an appearance at the U.S. Open?

"We haven't spoken to Cleatus' agent or any of the other
robots' agents," jokes Shanks, "about their ability to swing a golf

(Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

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