Video: Rickie Fowler takes on trash-talking moon

Video: Rickie Fowler takes on trash-talking moon

Many players have different training regiments to prepare for the biggest golf tournaments of the year. Rickie Fowler is taking his training to a whole new level.
Fowler and his caddy Joe Skovron found themselves in a indoor psychedelic driving range recently with weird features, including magical islands, glow-in-the-dark LED golf balls and a
talking moon.
The range also had projection-mapped targets, state-of-the art sound, a stadium-size laser and a light show.
Fowler's first shot on the range was from 45 yards out and went right in the middle of a multicolored
tropical tree. Next up was a weird-looking fire-breathing sea monster, which was 56 yards away. And for the finale, a trash-talking moon stood in the way, and got promptly served right between the eyes.

"I wouldn't look too good if I didn't get out of here without taking down the moon," Fowler said.

Could this be Fowler's training regiment for upcoming golf tournaments?

“We’re always looking for new, and sometimes quirky ways to get an edge
and Red Bull came up with this fun and inventive animated training
challenge,” Fowler said. “Hitting any type of golf shots where you have
to focus on trajectory and distance and trying to hit a certain target
can only help you get better.”

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