25,230 Swings Later, A Golfer's Cross-Country Round Continues

25,230 Swings Later, A Golfer’s Cross-Country Round Continues

IMG_2625-e1368292797724The last time we caught up with Luke Bielawski, the recent law school graduate who is golfing across the United States, it was early May and the 24-year-old had just struck his first shot in Southern California. It was the start of a nearly four-month journey that will wrap up in South Carolina just before fall.

Perhaps you’d like to know what’s happened since? Nearly two months later, the Indiana native has traveled 1,687 miles, taken 25,230 swings, lost 2,974 balls and survived a mountain lion encounter, all the while compiling a mid-way score of 28,204.

Which, for the record, puts him right around par.

This week finds Bielawksi in Dallas, Texas, where he spent an hour Wednesday with another avid golfer, the famous First Tee booster, George W. Bush. The former Commander-in-Chief offered a handshake and heartfelt congratulations but was sane enough not to ask to join in on the round.

Bielawski will soon be on his merry way again, continuing a journey that he’s undertaken as a life adventure and charitable effort. He’s raising money to help economically underprivileged kids attend Providence Cristo Rey, a college preparatory high school for students from families of limited financial means. You can follow Bielawski’s journey, and read his blog from the road, at getonthegreen.org (Photo: Getonthegreen.org)  

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