Member gets three-year ban from UK club after rules breach

Member gets three-year ban from UK club after rules breach

CourseRichard Tacey is 73 years old. He's been a member of Sleaford Golf Club in Lincolnshire, England, for 45 years. But for the next three years, he'll be the regulated to the "guest" portion of any Member-Guest tournaments at the club.
Tacey allegedly moved his golf ball illegally during a competition on April 6 in front of three other members. The club, which originated in 1905, responded by deciding to exclude Tacey for three years because of his error, according to the Sleaford Standard.

Mr Tacey’s son Andrew claims the club is bringing the game into
disrepute for its severe punishment which he sees as excessive and not
fitting the ‘crime’. Richard Tacey denies this accusation, having never
even won an individual golf competition.
His son added: “He was
well known for his knowledge of the rules of golf and would often be the
first port of call for any questions relating to the rules of golf.”

In a statement, the club said: "The member was allowed the right of appeal, which was heard at an
Extraordinary General Meeting of the members and his peers, on Thursday
June 13. The member’s appeal was rejected by the overwhelming majority
of the members present, which totaled in excess of 200.”
Tacey was set to become president of the club later in 2013. (Photo:

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