TSA to allow golf clubs on planes for first time since 9/11

TSA to allow golf clubs on planes for first time since 9/11

According to a report on bloomberg.com, you will soon be able to carry on up to two golf clubs on your next flight, plus a small pocketknife in case you have any trouble collecting that $5 Nassau.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration will let people carry
small pocketknives onto passenger planes for the first time since the Sept. 11
terrorist attacks, along with golf clubs, hockey sticks and plastic Wiffle
Ball-style bats.
The agency will permit knives with retractable blades shorter than 6
centimeters (2.36 inches) and narrower than 1/2 inch, TSA Administrator John
said today at an aviation security conference in Brooklyn. The
change, to conform with international rules, takes effect April 25.
Passengers will also be allowed to board flights with some other items that
are currently prohibited, including sticks used to play lacrosse, billiards and
hockey, ski poles and as many as two golf clubs, Pistole said.
The changes attracted criticism from labor unions representing flight

No word yet on why someone would travel with only two clubs, or whether it's still verboten to practice your putting in the aisle.

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