Pros competing at Q school sound off on belly ban

Pros competing at Q school sound off on belly ban

Qschool_poll SI Golf+ Contributor Stephanie Wei polled several players competing at Q school to get their thoughts on the USGA's decision to ban the anchored putting stroke. Here are the results: I'm in favor of the anchoring ban and the new rule the
USGA proposed: 26 (63.4%) I'm against the anchoring ban: 10 (24.3%) I really don't care either way: 5 (12%)


Camilo Villegas: "I've used the belly before. I like it. I've been back to
the short one, and there's a reason why. You don't make everything
with the belly. If that was the case we would all be using bellies or
anchoring putters. There's guys that like it, guys that dislike it. I
have no opinion. To be honest, I don't know and I don't care enough."

Alex Noren: "If they want to use it, I think it's
fine. I'm
not using it, but at the same time, I mean, you've got to read the
you've got to hit it the right speed, and it's not just about the
putter. It's like if I putt better with it, I would use it, but I
don't think I do." Franklin Corpening: "I was against the anchoring ban until this morning
when I heard what Tiger was saying on ESPN, and he made some good
points. I can't remember the exact wording, but he said something
like, putting is an art and the stroke should be a swinging motion
with your arms without anchoring the club to a fixed point. I agree
with that even though I use a belly putter. When I got to the course
this morning, I was like, 'Do people think I'm cheating?'" Kris Blanks: "I think it's ridiculous. Unfortunately the
governing bodies are going to do what they feel is best for the game. It's
like a road; you might think the speed limit should be 65, but somebody is
going to say it needs to be 45, and we just have to abide by those laws." Morgan Hoffmann: "[Anchoring] is obviously some kind of an
advantage because everybody is switching to it. I think it should be
better for the game." Ross Fisher: "I plainly think it's cheating. I don't think you should
be able to anchor the club. Whether that's right or wrong, everyone has
got their own opinions, but it kind of takes the feel out of the game.
"I think I remember listening to [Padraig] Harrington at the World Golf Grand Slam,
and he said, 'If something doesn't happen, it's almost going
to be like the long putter is going to be the putter of choice when kids are
growing up.'"

Steve Flesch: "Being a benefactor of anchoring and winning three of my
four events with a belly putter, you would think I would be against
the change, but I don't really care if they change it. I'm kind of on
both sides. I understand it. I'm not against it, I'm not for it. I
don't really have an opinion because I understand both sides.

"I would vote probably against the ban, only because I have friends at
home and I've seen them putt with a short putter, and they
are miserable playing. Golf isn't as fun for them because they can't
stroke a four-foot putt. The putter might as well be kryptonite in
their hands.

"It will be hard to fight the nerves again for the pros who use the
belly putter or long putter. There's a reason they're using those
putters. I'm a case in point. I only go to it because I'm shaking like
a leaf with the short putter. People don't just say, 'I'm going to putt
like that.' There's a reason you're there."

Arjun Atwal: "I like it. I don't putt with a belly
putter, and I think from what people have told me it's unfair. I can't
putt with it anyways, so I don't know how it's unfair, but people think that
anchoring is taking the nerves out of play when you putt.
"I suck when I try putting with the belly or long putter, Like, I
really, really suck at it. People do have nerves, and it takes that out. If that
happens then I don't think it's fair, so yeah, get rid of it."

Peter Tomasulo: "I'm for banning anchoring mostly because it's under
the threat of becoming the norm with instructors pushing it on junior
golfers especially."

Meen Whee Kim: "I liked what Tiger said about how the putter shouldn't
be longer than the shortest club in your bag. Anchoring is not a
common method of putting in Korea, so my coach had to explain the rule
to me. I agree with the ban."

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