Truth & Rumors: Tommy Gainey credits Jim Furyk for winning advice

Truth & Rumors: Tommy Gainey credits Jim Furyk for winning advice

Memo to Jim Furyk: Helping out a guy who’s down may come back to bite you. Or, in this case, beat you.
That’s what happened Sunday afternoon, when Tommy “Two-Gloves” Gainey won The McGladrey Classic at Sea Island, Ga., to claim his first tour title. Gainey blistered the Seaside Course en route to a final-round 60, beating David Toms by one, and the 54-hole leader, Jim Furyk, by two.
But, according to Gainey, it wouldn’t have happened without a little advice he received last year from Furyk, the man he beat. Here’s the story from the grateful champ, which he told after a heads-up question from Stephanie Wei at

He asked to play nine holes with me…Let me tell you, I was very happy to hear that he wanted to play nine holes with me because I mean he’s won 16 times.  To win 16 times out here is unheard of, unless you’re Tiger or Phil or Vijay.  So I was very happy to hear that.
…He just told me, he said, Tommy, when you were on the mini tours, you were kicking their tail and now you get out here and you struggle a little bit.  He said, ‘Man, don’t change your game.  Just keep going at it.’ He said, ‘You got the game to be out here and to win.  Just keep your head up and just keep trying, and sooner or later it’s going to happen.’
And you know, who knows what would have happen if we didn’t play nine holes together, or even had a talk.  So I mean I appreciate all the help I can get because, you know, I know I’m 37, considered a veteran maybe, but you know, I’m still young when it comes to out here. I’m looking forward to all the help I can get because when you got a player like Jim Furyk or anybody else of that stature that wants to help you, it’s definitely in my favor to listen.

Well, we’re not sure how much more help Tommy is going to get, or who is qualified to give it to him. Paging David Duval: What does a guy have to do to shoot 59? RELATED PHOTOS: 2012 McGladrey Classic

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