Truth & Rumors: NBC's aired 2.2 shots per commercial during Ryder Cup

Truth & Rumors: NBC’s aired 2.2 shots per commercial during Ryder Cup

If we learned one thing about golf fans from our 30-odd hours of live blogging the Ryder Cup, it's that commercials make them mad. Aggressively, vociferously, and quite expressively angry.
Tough to blame them. Apparently, NBC's coverage irked some members of the media, too. Specifically, Bradley Klein of Golfweek, who went so far as to catalogue the limited rotation. Upset with the "stop-start coverage," and the "six or seven" breaks an hour, Klein counted commercials and golf shots.
His informal tabulation: 362 golf shots played to 164 commercials aired. Yeah: 2.21 shots per commercial. Got to keep the lights on somehow.
Klein, though, doesn't stop there. Because, you know, if you have a variety of commercials to keep the mind guessing, it's OK, right? Here's his roundup of the most played:

NBC Network Programming: 31
Omega Watches: 16
Get Golf Ready/Tee It Forward/Play Golf America: 13
Cadillac: 10
Mercedes: 10
National Car Rental: 10
Samsung Galaxy: 9

On the plus side, only one Five Hour Energy Commercial. Prescient: They wouldn't want their product associated with Jim Furyk's 4.5-hour Sunday round. Related: PGA Tour Confidential: Was it a Europe in, or U.S. collapse? Related: Sports Illustrated's best shots from Medinah

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