Truth & Rumors: Holly Sonders takes private plane to Wyndham

Truth & Rumors: Holly Sonders takes private plane to Wyndham

As you probably guessed, covering golf can be a glamorous gig. Like being the prince of Monaco, or a Kardashian. Just look at this group of intrepid reporters being whisked away to another tournament.

Yeah. It's pretty posh. Then again, none of those guys are Holly Sonders, host of Golf Channel's "Morning Drive." And, no offense to any of the intrepid scribes pictured, but golf fans probably like Holly Sonders more than they like any of those guys.
That's why she doesn't travel by bus. According to a photo she tweeted Tuesday, she doesn't even travel by commercial airline. After missing her scheduled flight to the Wyndham Championship, the tournament sent its charter jet to pick her up so she could make the pre-event festivities.

Yeah, Holly. That is pretty cool. And the mini-red carpet is a nice touch. Please, grab as many peanuts as you can. The huddled masses in the press tent are starving.

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