Truth & Rumors: Preview Michael Phelps's pre-Haney game

Truth & Rumors: Preview Michael Phelps’s pre-Haney game

Hat tip to CBS's Shane Bacon for scouring YouTube to bring us a preview of Michael Phelps's golf game in anticipation of his appearance on The Haney Project, where Hank Haney will try to improve some of the very improvable moves we see here.
The first video finds Phelps, apparently taking a break from a game of beer pong, to practice some hardwood putting. Phelps makes 12 five-footers in a minute, which is partially relevant to golf. Haney's first task will be explaining to Phelps that no one is timing him. If he makes it to the Tour, he can take all the time in the world, after all. Another video actually takes place on grass. And, judging from the video, that's bad news for the grass. And one last video, in which Phelps explains how he came to golf. Any way he slices it — see what I did there? — Phelps will probably be a better canvas for Haney than, say, Rush Limbaugh. One's a world class athlete, after all. Not that it will necessarily help him in the world's slowest game. But it's nice for us golfers to imagine. So, welcome, Mr. Phelps, to your long retirement.

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