Truth & Rumors: McIlroy's ex denies mortgage rumor

Truth & Rumors: McIlroy’s ex denies mortgage rumor

Did Rory McIlroy pay off his ex's mortgage? Holly Sweeney, who split with McIlroy last year, says no. But, even in reporting her denial, the Irish Independent sounds skeptical:

She has [the flat] on the market at a cool £660,000. The model said that her and US Open golf champ McIlroy did not buy it – but admitted they did look at it together when they were an item. Holly said that she had a "couple of things going on" which helped her to pay off the massive mortgage. When asked how she did pay it off, she said: "I don't know. I still ask myself the same question. I was just very clever with how I managed everything."

How daft. For those not keen on the Queen's currency, that's roughly $1.02 mil. Which is to say, just a hair more than the winner's take at this week's Fed Ex St. Jude, where McIlroy will tee it up tomorrow morning. Good to know both parties have some irons in the fire… North Korea's Next Top Golfer Repressive. Unfair. Just a little bit slow. All of that can describe the government of North Korea. But it applies to golf there, too, according to's coverage of the Hermit Kingdom's national championship, which took place in May.  As Michael Wray reports, one Korean faced off against 15 foreigners for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Amateur Golf Open, a 54-hole event on the country's only track, about 20 miles outside the capital city, Pyongyang. According to Wray, the golf follows the politics:

The golf itself was an unforgiving slog across undulating fairways and incredibly slow greens. Teeing off on the first hole, players see a generous fairway bending gently up to an inviting green. On closer inspection, though, the test is much sterner, with white out-of-bounds stakes bordering both sides of the hole, forcing wayward players to replay their stroke, add a penalty and rack up high scores. Out of bounds is considered golf's ultimate design penalty, and most courses use them sparingly, if at all. There, they choke the course's entire 18 holes.Of course, penalties off the fairway are nothing compared with the hardship endured by ordinary North Koreans. People are forced to follow a prescribed path of loyalty to their country and to the ideology of its founding father, Kim Il Sung. Those who violate the will of the ruling family face severe retribution. Scores of defectors have documented the hardships of labor camps where political dissidents are sent for even the tiniest hints of contrarianism.

But all that aside, you could win a national championship.  And while you have the U.S. Open on the brain, let's be realistic: this is your chance. Unless the ruler Kim Jong Un is the field. If he's anything like his father, Kim Jong Il, you'll have no chance. According to 17 witnesses/bodyguards, the "Great Leader" was a great stick, firing a world-record 38-under-par in his first and only round, which included five aces. That's probably a record, too.  Dress like Rickie For all Rickie Fowler's sartorial disciples, Puma has laid out his clothes for each day of the U.S. Open. Just like your mom used to do, if your mom was really into Saturday Night FeverRickie_puma Fowler looks to be attending a Fourth of July roller disco for much of the week. But the biggest surpise may be the Sunday shorts? I'm sure some USGA style maven will catch that oversight before Fowler leaves the locker room. Tweet of the Day

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