Video: Brian Gay's caddie versus alligator at Harbour Town

Video: Brian Gay’s caddie versus alligator at Harbour Town

We guess Brian Gay never saw “Happy Gilmore” or he wouldn't have chosen to hit his ball after it stopped next to a 10-foot alligator at the 15th hole in the first round of the RBC Heritage. In the movie, Happy’s coach is Chubbs Peterson, a former Tour star whose career was cut short when an alligator bit off his hand. The Myrtle Beach Sun News has more:

Gay’s third shot plugged in the grass next to a 10-foot alligator on the bank of a pond to the front left of the green. His caddie, Kip Henley, attempted to shoo it away for several minutes using a bunker rake before it grudgingly slid into the water.
“I wasn’t going to go near him, but my caddie’s not scared of him,” Gay said. “It took at least 10 minutes and he just wouldn’t move. There was a baby about 20 feet away on the bank and we think that’s why he didn’t want to move. When he finally got in the water he just stayed right there. So I couldn’t get over there to hit.”
With the stubborn alligator lingering in the area, Henley bonked it on the snout with the rake, finally getting the reptile to swim about 30 feet away.
“He’d go under, and then you don’t know where he went, and a couple times he came back at him,” said Gay, the 2009 Heritage champion. “I didn’t know what was going to happen. Once I saw him 30 feet away I knew I had time to hit it and get out of there.”

Gay did have the option of a free drop because an alligator qualifies as a “dangerous situation,” but he chose to wait it out.

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