Truth & Rumors: Is IBM CEO Ginni Rometty already a member at Augusta?

Truth & Rumors: Is IBM CEO Ginni Rometty already a member at Augusta?

As reported by Bloomberg News, Augusta National could be on the verge of admitting its first female member. IBM, which is one of the Masters' three principal sponsors along with Exxon Mobil and AT&T, hired Virginia "Ginni" Rometty as its new CEO — and that position traditionally merits a membership to Augusta. The green jackets could be debating what to do as you're reading this…but is it possible Rometty is already in the club? USA Today's Christine Brennan speculates that this may the case.

It's possible that the question actually might be moot. It is within the realm of possibility, remote as it might seem, that she's already a member and we simply don't know it yet.
We do know this. Augusta National certainly won't tell us. It's the club's policy to not discuss its membership, a policy busted to bits during the great Hootie Johnson-Martha Burk dust-up of 2002-03, but the club is adhering to it this week, spokesman Steve Ethun said in an e-mail Wednesday.
Rometty did not return an e-mail seeking comment on this topic. Full disclosure: I have known her since we were undergraduates at Northwestern University, and we both now serve on the 73-member board of trustees of our alma mater. She and I have never discussed golf or Augusta National.

Monty's Advice for RoryOne of the many intriguing moments next week at Augusta will be Rory McIlroy's return to the 10th tee, which is the site of the shot that defined his final-round collapse in 2011, a gruesome snap-hook that settled near a row of white cabins, an area of the course that has rarely, if ever, been shown on TV. Colin Montgomerie, who incidentally has never won a major, offered some advice for McIlroy on how to exorcise the demons from that shot, from the UK's Telegraph.

“I hope that he hits as many shots off that tee in practice as possible and gets it out of the way,” the Scot said of McIlroy, who has headed to Augusta this week for his first look at the course set-up. “That’s the shot everybody will be focusing on come Thursday, and let’s hope he gets rid of that. It was just a poor shot at the wrong time. He’s a much more mature player than he was a year ago.”

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