Truth & Rumors: Tiger photographed on crutches

Truth & Rumors: Tiger photographed on crutches

If you’re having trouble understanding why Tiger Woods is skipping this week’s U.S. Open at Congressional Country Club in Suburban D.C., check out, which has a photo of Woods hobbling on crutches with a protective boot on his left leg. says the photo was taken Friday in Orlando.
It’s tough to play golf if you can’t walk.  Congressional’s top-secret history Bill Pennington of The New York Times files a fascinating historical piece about when Congressional Country Club was used a training ground for the Office of Strategic Service, the World World II spy service that became the CIA.

The practice range became a rifle range, and bunkers were used for grenade practice. The dense wooded areas were perfect for nighttime commando exercises, and an obstacle course, set with booby traps, stretched across the first and second holes. Hand-to-hand combat was taught next to a mock fuselage from which paratroopers learned to jump. Men crawled on their bellies across fairways sprayed with live machine gun fire, and the greens made excellent targets for mortar practice. So did the caddie shack and every rain shelter on the course.
“We literally just blew the place up,” said Al Johnson, who, like most of the living O.S.S. veterans — there are about 200 — is in his late 80s.

Adam Scott says he cleared Stevie hire with Tiger According to Barry Svruga of The Washington Post, Adam Scott is getting his money’s worth out of new caddie for the week Stevie Williams. They’ve played their second practice round at Congressional on Sunday, and Scott said that he cleared the move with Williams’ boss Tiger Woods.

"Steve knew I was in between guys,” Scott said, “and we’ve talked a lot over the years. Anyway, when Tiger had to withdraw, I called him to check if he was available for the week. That’s what he’s doing, and I’m really grateful he’s doing it.”
Everything regarding Woods, though, ends up being a big deal. The 14-time major champion won’t be at Congressional because of lingering issues with his left knee and Achilles’ tendon, and Scott is looking for a permanent caddie. Scott said Williams, who has not worked for anyone other than Woods since they paired up in 1999, called his boss.
“He checked it all out with Tiger,” Scott said. “It’s just for the week. It’s no big deal. But I’m very grateful to both of them for that chance while I’m still looking for a guy full-time. . . . Hopefully I can use his experience late on Sunday. That would be great.”

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