Truth & Rumors: Players want Seve on Euro Tour logo

Truth & Rumors: Players want Seve on Euro Tour logo

We all know the impact five-time major winner Seve Ballesteros had on the game of golf. His swagger, charisma, incredible shotmaking ability, and competitive toughness went a long way toward elevating European golf, and the Ryder Cup, to present-day standards. But Seve hadn't been the Seve of old in a long time, and prior to his recent death, not many golf fans could probably remember the last time they saw the kid from Pedrena play golf at all, let alone well.
Regardless, professional golfers around the world clearly haven't forgotten the late Hall of Famer, and currently there's a movement to replace Harry Vardon's silhouette on the European Tour's official logo with that of Ballesteros. Supposedly started by multiple major winner Padraig Harrington, the movement has gathered steam and others, including Rory Mcllroy and his agent Chubby Chandler, have recently supported the cause via Twitter. How this all plays out is anyone's guess, but when you consider the mythic stature of Vardon and his six Open Championship victories, it's pretty clear just how much weight Seve's legacy carries with current European Tour pros.  Secrets to watching The Players Championship If you're planning on taking in The Players Championship in person you no doubt have a plan to camp out in the massive open area that provides a view of the 16th green, the famed 17th, and the treacherous tee shot on the 18th that forces players to fit their tee shots between water and rough. But there's more to see at Sawgrass than the final three holes, especially if you're going to be there for a couple of days. Here are some insider tips on the best spots to maximize your viewing pleasure:  Behind the second green and third tee: Here you can watch players try to reach the par-5 second hole in two in hopes of a decent eagle try and then have a good view of their tee shots on the par-3 third.  Between the fifth green and sixth tee: A great view of approach shots to the incredibly tough green on five as well as tee shots on six that need to avoid an overhanging branch.  Behind the 11th green: Excellent view of player's second and third shots and a good vantage point to watch the pros wield their flatsticks.  Behind the 15th green: Check out one of the prettiest holes on the course where contenders will most likely need to make birdie before heading to the final three.  Behind the 9th green: A shady spot where you can see the best players in the world submit to the short game test of their lives. 
Note: If you do go to Sawgrass make sure you take advantage of the Cool Zones, featuring big screen TVs, plenty of shade, and a chance to get some cold drinks. The newly added, air-conditioned bathrooms are worth a stop as well.  Mickelson defends Harrington If you missed the final round of this weekend's Wells Fargo Championship then you didn't get to see one of the dumber rules-related fiascos of the season. After the round, in which Harrington finished in a tie for ninth with playing partner Phil Mickelson after shooting a tidy 68 (worth about $150k in prize money), both players were carted back out to the 13th tee to deal with a marshal's claim that Harrington had teed off in front of the tee markers. Mickelson backed Harrington immediately: 

Padraig has more integrity than anybody out here … he's constantly checking to make sure he's playing by all the rules. This is not going to be an issue. I'm pretty comfortable with the fact that his ball was behind the marker.

In the end, due to the complete absence of conclusive evidence, video or otherwise, Tour officials Slugger White and Jon Brendle decided to let the situation pass without any official action. However Harrington didn't appear too thrilled by the marshal's accusation. 

It really would be a question of me being a martyr if I took a penalty in this instance. I've done that before but not today … everything's just too inconclusive.

Note: If the marshal's claim been found valid, Harrington would have been disqualified under Rule 11-4b for playing from outside the teeing ground without going back and playing the hole from the correct position (with a two-stroke penalty) before teeing off on the next hole.  Tweet of the Day

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