Truth & Rumors: TMZ or TMI? Daly shares details of Tiger’s personal life

Truth & Rumors: TMZ or TMI? Daly shares details of Tiger’s personal life

Steve Elling of listened to John Daly’s interview with Atlanta's Mayhem in the AM morning show at 790 The Zone so you didn’t have to. The hot topic? Tiger, of course:

"But I told him, ‘If you would have come out that night after the [Thanksgiving] incident and told the world what was going on — not listened to your agents, not listened to anybody else, just what your heart said and thought what you just told me — this story would have ended in one day.’ And he said ‘I know, I know. I just had to listen to everybody.’ "I said, ‘That’s the thing you’ve got to understand, Tiger, you’re the greatest player that’s ever played, you don’t have to listen to anybody, you have to listen to what your heart tells you to do.’ And he says, ‘I thought about talking to the media right after it all happened, I really did, and told them the truth and told them what was going on. But I was told not to.’ So, I don’t blame him in that aspect of listening to the bad advice, which I totally think he got throughout the whole situation.”

And what was the situation, John?

“Well you should [be loyal] if your wife’s good and makes love to you when you want to be made love to, and does things with you and wants to do things with you, and wants to support you, and wants to be with you in your career, wants to take the selfish side of the player. I mean, in this sport, in major sports no matter what, even a guy that runs a multi-billion dollar corporation — a woman has to understand that it’s a lot on a person’s shoulders to deal with."

Golf Channel denies knowledge of alleged Ponzi scheme We thought Morning Drive was adding enough excitement to the Golf Channel. Now Bloomberg News’ Laurel Brubaker Calkins reports that the Golf Channel is facing questions about F. Allen Stanford’s alleged Ponzi scam:

The Golf Channel said $5.9 million received from companies run by indicted financier R. Allen Stanford was for media services and not proceeds from an alleged Ponzi scheme as the receiver for Stanford’s businesses claims.
TGC LLC, known as the Golf Channel, said in response to the receiver’s lawsuit that it had no knowledge of what the government charges was a $7 billion fraud scheme. Golf Channel officials also threatened to counter-sue the receiver for $14.3 million for breach of contract if the judge presiding over Stanford’s civil fraud trial grants permission.
“The payments at the center of this case have nothing to do with a Ponzi scheme,’’ Theodore Daniel, the Golf Channel’s lawyer, said in papers filed yesterday in federal court in Dallas. Payments received from the Stanford Financial Group in 2007 and 2008 “were entirely legal’’ and the result of “arm’s- length, market-based, written contracts,’’ he said. 

John Mayer, Keith Urban headline Tabloid Jam in Vegas this weekend Say what you want about him, Tiger Woods knows how to put on a show and this weekend’s Tiger Jam benefit in Las Vegas is no exception. Woods landed John Mayer and Keith Urban as headliners. However, Corey Levitan of The Las Vegas Review-Journal notes the irony of having Urban and Mayer, no strangers to tabloid gossip, headline the event for Woods, who is hoping the public will receive him favorably after his sex scandals:

Woods' predicament makes the choice of Urban and Mayer seem interesting. Both headliners have occupied unwanted tabloid covers alongside Woods — Mayer for publicly disrespecting ex-girlfriends Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson and using the N-word during a magazine interview, Urban for allegedly cheating on wife Nicole Kidman. In fact, last year, Mayer — known then for commenting on just about everything he was asked to — took on the Woods scandal. He jokingly told the U.K.'s The Independent newspaper that it made him feel hopeful.
"With this whole Tiger Woods situation," he said, "I wish more people would be like, 'You know what, Mayer? You didn't (expletive) up at all.' "
In contrast, if you follow the statements issued by the Tiger Woods Foundation, nothing significant ever occurred. For example, when the charity concert sat out last year, for the first time in a dozen years, foundation president Greg McLaughlin blamed the schedules of artists, saying that they could not be coordinated with Mandalay Bay's availability.

Tweet of the Day Luke Donald on the royal wedding: Luke_donald_tweet

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