Truth and Rumors: How serious is Tiger's injury?

Truth and Rumors: How serious is Tiger’s injury?

Tiger in BootsWith the news that Tiger Woods is in a boot and on the shelf, there has been quite a bit of back and forth as to how serious his injury really is. NBC's Ryan Ballangee has been putting the pieces together, and while Woods' spin machine may have gotten a little overzealous, everything seems to add up to decent  news on Tiger's health.

Tiger Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg spoke on Tuesday afternoon with AP’s Doug Ferguson to provide additional information about Woods’ announcement that minor injuries to his left knee and Achilles tendon would prevent him from playing in the Wells Fargo Championship next week. Steinberg said Woods’ has been in a protective boot and was taking it easy on the golf…
Well, that’s not quite true (and, actually, Ferguson acknowledges this later in his piece). Woods conducted clinics during his trip to Asia on behalf of Nike Golf, which were directly after The Masters. That involved hitting golf shots, as was quickly figured out on the Interwebs.

This is probably a case of semantics rather than a "Gotcha" situation, but, as Ballangee notes, the takeaway here is that Tiger's injury probably isn't that debilitating, and that the extra time off and the boot are likely precautionary measures meant to keep his leg in shape for the summer's major run. Is Rory backing local rugby team?There has been some talk in the local news that Northern Ireland's own Rory McIlroy has been behind recent big-time acquisitions by his hometown rugby club. But, according to Ruaidhri O'Connor and Hugh Farelly at Ireland's Independent, the young Tour star is definitely a supporter, but not yet a financial one.

Ulster Rugby have denied that Rory McIlroy is the mystery backer behind the club's big-money signings.Rumours have abounded that the golfer has been contributing to the financial cause at Ravenhill, after the club signed New Zealanders John Afoa and Jared Payne on estimated €415,000-a-year deals.The Holywood, Co Down native is a huge supporter of Ulster and watched their Heineken Cup quarter-final defeat to Northampton Saints before his final-day meltdown at the US Masters.But the 21-year-old–who has earned more than €6m on the course during his career–"is not putting any money into Ulster", a spokesperson said yesterday."Not at all, Rory McIlroy's a massive supporter and while I'm not sure if he pays into Ravenhill, he is not putting money in. There are rumours about him paying some players' wages, but they are not true."

So I guess that puts that rumor to bed for now, but if Rory isn't already invested in Ulster, it would be a pretty cool story if he got in on the action now. It'll also be a good investment in case this whole golf thing doesn't work out for him. Tweet of the Day Looks like Geoff Ogilvy is trying to sprout a miracle. Good luck, we're all counting on you. Tweetoday427 Ogilvy

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