Truth & Rumors: Tabloids feast on reports of new Tiger girlfriend

Truth & Rumors: Tabloids feast on reports of new Tiger girlfriend

Tiger Woods made his first post-scandal extended media foray last week to promote his new EA Sports video game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour '12: The Masters. He appeared on Good Morning America, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and other shows, but this week Woods is back in the spotlight for his personal life. RadarOnline and other tabloid outlets are reporting that Woods has a new girlfriend, 22-year-old Alyse Lahti Johnston. RadarOnline's source is "one of Alyse's pals and former classmates." reported the news this weekend that newly single Tiger is dating Alyse. After growing up in Ohio and graduating from Ohio State, Alyse moved last year to the Windermere, Florida estate where her mother and stepfather had relocated. She'd taken a job with a fashion company in nearby Orlando, but hated it, the source says, and didn't stay with the company for long.
Coincidentally, Windermere is home to Tiger Woods, and Alyse's stepdad, who raised her since her early teens, is Alastair Johnston, a member of the board of IMG, the giant sports agency that reps Woods. He's also on the board of several other golf-related businesses.

The New York Post highlights the relationship between Woods and Alastair Johnston, Alyse’s stepfather.

Tiger Woods may have known his newest blond bombshell when she was in grade school.
Alyse Lahti Johnston, 22, is the stepdaughter of Alastair Johnston, the former vice-chairman of sports-management giant IMG, where he was the architect of Woods' $60 million deal with Nike in 1996 — when Alyse was just 7 years old.
The happy couple has reportedly been together for several weeks.
Johnston introduced his stepdaughter to Woods, 35, according to sports blogger Terez Owens, although it is not clear exactly when.
The pair was spotted last week cruising on Woods' 155-foot yacht, Privacy, which docks in North Palm Beach — near where Johnston is believed to be seeking an MBA at the Florida campus of Northwood University.

Meanwhile, The Sun (UK) published a quote from Alyse's stepfather that neither confirms nor denies a relationship between his daughter and Woods.

Last night Johnston, who lives in Windermere, a posh suburb of Orlando, Florida, said: "Tiger Woods has been my next door neighbour for 15 years and Alyse has known him all her life.
"They are part of the same crowd that are the same age and go to the gym and out to dinner together.
"Do they spend time together? Yes."

Stewart Cink is victim of Twitter hackWeiUnderPar’s Stephanie Wei gets to the bottom of an out-of-character tweet from Stewart Cink that went out to his 1.2 million followers.

When I approached Stewart Cink after his round at the Transitions Championship and asked him about the Twitter incident, he looked genuinely confused.
“I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” said Cink. “What did it say? It could have been hacked because I didn’t send any (tweets) by accident.”
As I tried to look it up on my phone, he leaned in to check it out for himself, saying, “You’ve got me interested now.”
I paraphrased the mistweet, “UK took it to WVu today, huggy bear is a drunk!! You see elin’s mansion for 10 million? Wow, expensive tale tiger got!”
Cink, shaking his head, said, “Someone’s hacked me. I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for letting me know.”

The incident didn’t slow the PGA Tour’s most-popular tweeter, and Cink went right back on Twitter to answer questions from fans and talk about his NCAA bracket and a recent Kenny Chesney show:

I did 3 brackets this year. The one on ESPN was ranked 5,500,000 (20th percentile) on day one. Is there a cut? I need to work on my game.

Dan Quayle says golf is valuable downtime for ObamaPresident Obama got support from an unexpected place last week: former Vice President Dan Quayle on Fox Business News, according to The Hill. Obama has taken some criticism for playing golf last week during the crises in the Middle East and Japan. Quayle, a 7-handicap player, said that Obama should be able to enjoy some recreational time and that golf does not interfere with his duties as president.

"I'm glad he's out playing golf. I happen to be a golfer," Quayle said on the Fox Business Network. "I think presidents deserve down time. And believe me, he is in constant communication with what's going on."
Many Republicans enjoy publicly chiding the president for playing golf amid all the troubles in the world that beguile a commander-in-chief. Golfing is a hobby Obama has enjoyed with some vigor since becoming president, and he frequently golfs on Saturdays when the weather is nice in Washington.
"I mean, what do you want him to do, stay in his house and be on the phone with the ambassador to Japan all the time?" Quayle retorted.

Tweet of the Day: Image_bigger Tommy Armour III: If you "have to wear" white right now at least wear a winter white!

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