Truth & Rumors: Shoplifters take the driver heads, leave the shafts

Truth & Rumors: Shoplifters take the driver heads, leave the shafts

For shoplifters, walking out of a sporting-goods store with a driver used to present a real challenge. No matter how big you bag or how long your coat, it’s hard to sneak out the door with a 40-plus-inch rod, and if you wanted to remove the head you needed to the heat the hosel. However, now that we have adjustable driver heads that come off with a wrench, it makes sense that we now have a driver-head shoplifting problem, at least in Western Pennsylvania. (Via CBS News)

GREENSBURG, Pa. — State police are investigating a strange case involving "decapitated" golf clubs in the Pittsburgh area.
State police say they have surveillance pictures of a couple who removed and stole the heads from 13 expensive drivers in five different incidents between Feb. 14 and 21 at Dick's Sporting Goods stores in Greensburg, West Mifflin, Robinson Township and Pittsburgh's South Hills suburbs.
Investigators believe the couple is re-using the stolen driver heads to make custom clubs—or selling the stolen heads to someone who is doing that. The clubs are marked for retail, but the security code is on the shafts so the couple can leave the stores with the stolen heads without triggering anti-theft alarms.

Captain America? Matt Kuchar uneasy with accoladesStephanie Wei of WeiUnderPar asked Matt Kuchar how he felt about receiving the mantle of Best American Player as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson continue to slump. Kuchar’s response: he’s not paying any attention to it:

Asked how he felt about some dubbing him the best American at the moment, the ever-modest Kuchar paused and appeared almost uncomfortable with the title.
“It’s nice to be dubbed, but it’s not something I think about,” said Kuchar. “I feel like it doesn’t really concern me. Those are great things to write about, but I don’t watch the Golf Channel, I don’t read golf publications — I never felt like it would help me play better golf. Granted everything I do isn’t to help me play better golf, but I think some of the stuff will hurt you more than help you by getting too sucked in, reading the latest scoop or swing tip. I always thought as a player to do my best to avoid that stuff.”

Governor puts New Jersey’s county courses on noticeGov. Chris Christie said his budget crunch in New Jersey might squeeze the state’s many county-owned golf courses, according to The Asbury Park Press.

Answering a question at a town hall meeting in Hillsborough, Christie said county freeholders may face "tough choices" when weighing the need for publicly subsidized courses against snow removal, garbage pickup, public safety and other services.
"There is going to be a moment in the next few years when those hard decisions are going to be forced," he said, later adding. "Each freeholder board across the state is going to have to make those decisions."
The issue was raised by Matthew Galvin, executive vice president of RDC Group, a private firm which acquires and develops golf courses across the country. Galvin asked Christie how the state could help private golf courses, which he said make up the only industry that is forced to compete against the government.
Galvin, a Belle Mead resident, questioned whether the government should be in the golf business.

The question is especially relevant in Asbury Park, which in addition to its Bruce Springsteen ties, is part of Monmouth County, home of a half-dozen popular county-operated golf courses. Tweet(s) of the Day Ogilvy@geoffogilvy: Fresh irons yesterday, old ones not so groovy anymore. New grips too, Kangaroo leather Ogilvy@geoffogilvy: Only Kangaroos who died of natural causes were used in the production of these grips Ogilvy@geoffogilvy: Can't be sure about that previous statement
  Ogilvy@geoffogilvy: A small amount of leather really, especially when compared to @IanJamesPoulter's disturbing, in more ways than one ,belt and shoe collection

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