Truth & Rumors: Miller compares Tiger getting his game back to crawling up Grand Canyon

Truth & Rumors: Miller compares Tiger getting his game back to crawling up Grand Canyon

Miller Time Johnny Miller is never one to pull punches, so he was the perfect person to ask about the buzz that Tiger Woods is getting close to regaining his old form. Luckily for us, Tod Leonard at Sign On San Diego thought the same thing:

“In golf, ‘close’ is like the north and south rim of the Grand Canyon,” the NBC/Golf Channel commentator and former player said Tuesday.
“I’ve been there…You do one little tweak and you’re on the other rim of the big gulf. When you go off one rim, you’ve got to crawl up the other side. Not that many guys have done it.”
“I used to say that Tiger could win with a rental set and one eye closed,” Miller said. “But he’s had a lot of things happen, and it’s mostly self-inflicted. He’s having to pay the price. He’s facing these young guys who are saying, ‘Move over pal, you’ve had your day in the sun.’ I’m sure he’d like to make these young guys eat their words, but he’s got to get some confidence back, quick.”

I agree with Miller in one respect: Tiger needs to win, and he needs to win soon. Woods is begging for a slump-buster, but, unlike most pros, a really good Sunday or a second place finish isn’t going to do the trick. Only the sight of Tiger holding a trophy will put fear back into the hearts of the other competitors. Thompson Beats the Boys Lexi Thompson may not have official status on the LPGA Tour, but she’s still determined to make her mark on golf as quickly as possible. As the Orlando Sentinel‘s Jeff Shane reports, the 16-year-old phenom became the first woman to win on the Minor League Golf minitour.

Alexis Thompson wasn’t the first contemporary women’s pro to fill her time between LPGA starts by teeing it up against a field of minitour guys. However, the South Florida teen is the first to take home a trophy. Thompson triumphed over Brett Bergeron in a two-hole playoff on her home course at TPC Eagle Trace, earning a footnote as the Minor League Golf Tour’s first female champion. Thompson, who turned 16 earlier this month, collected $1,100 for the victory. Her 4-under-par 68 was better than 75 other golfers, with only Bergeron holding a chance to finish in front.

Thompson may have had an advantage on her home course, but the win was certainly no fluke–she had already finished second twice with another top-3 finish in 13 MLGT events. We’ve learned enough not to over-hype these kids at such young ages, but we can at least give a nice golf clap to Thompson for this accomplishment. Close Call in New Zealand Among the stories emerging from the tragic earthquake in New Zealand, there’s this note from NBC’s Ryan Ballengee:

A good number of LPGA Tour players who did not make the field for the Honda LPGA Thailand jumped over to New Zealand for their national women’s open tournament. The hotel for the field was reduced to rubble by the earthquake.
Several LPGA Tour players expressed their concerns over Twitter on Tuesday. Among them was veteran Sophie Gustafson, who said, “The player host hotel for the New Zealand LET tournament last week was as good at flattened today in the earthquake. Very scary stuff!”
As for the players that stayed behind and experienced the earthquake, they were safe, reported Nicole Hage. She tweeted, “I’ve heard that all the girls that were still in NZ sight seeing and such are all safe and sound!”

So at least there’s one good story coming out of a very scary situation. If you’re interested in helping the relief efforts in New Zealand, you can donate to the New Zealand Red Cross here.

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