Truth & Rumors: Obama can’t finish golf round in five hours

Truth & Rumors: Obama can’t finish golf round in five hours

President Barack Obama is an enthusiastic golfer, playing close to 60 rounds since becoming president. However, he does not appear to be an especially fast-playing one. According to ABC News, Obama’s foursome played golf Sunday for more than five hours, but were not able to finish their round before sundown.

The president started his day as he has nearly everyday this vacation with an early morning workout at the Marine Corps Base close to his Kailua rental home.
Afterward the president played another round of golf at Luana Hills country club in Kailua. His golfing companions were friends from Hawaii and Chicago, Bobby Titcomb, Mike Ramos, and Marty Nesbitt.
The president did not get in 18 holes today, due to darkness setting in at sunset, although the group played for over five hours.

Michelle Wie heckled at car showJill Painter of The Los Angeles Daily News shares a telling anecdote of Michelle Wie’s graceful response to some gentle heckling at a recent autograph signing at a Los Angeles car show.

Michelle Wie was signing autographs for a recent car show with an ever-present smile for a never-ending line.
Some folks made small talk and offered congratulations on a fine season, some asked quick golf questions and others made bold moves by walking behind her table for photos. Parents pushed their shy children close to Wie for a picture.
Then one man deadpanned: "Shouldn't you be working on your putting?"
He wasn't joking at all, and Wie didn't reply in words. She simply responded by signing with a wry smile. He didn't rattle the LPGA star.

Remembering Billy Joe PattonRon Green Sr. of The Charlotte Observer files a colorful and loving obituary of amateur player and nearly 1954 Masters winner Billy Joe Patton, who died Saturday at age 88.

He came down out of the foothills of North Carolina, where he sold lumber for a living and played golf for fun. He had a name out of a country song, Billy Joe. He talked like Sheriff Andy Taylor. He played to a gallery like he was on a stage, gabbing away with the people between shots, and he was not above milking a little extra drama out of a trouble shot.
He had a homemade game with a backswing so fast it was nothing more than a steel blur. (Later in life, he said, "You can tell I'm gettin' old: You can see my backswing now.") It was a swing that often put him in close touch with the creatures of the forest, but he was a magical escape artist and he had a putter that was as good to him as a doting mother.

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