2011 Farmers Insurance Open: Tiger Woods's Second Round

2011 Farmers Insurance Open: Tiger Woods’s Second Round

That's the business and Tiger is a big part of star making that makes the game big. 6:05 P.M.  Tiger has hit the green in two on the Par 5 18th. It looks like he will at least get to 6 under and five shots off the lead going into the weekend. 6:00 P.M. To Reader Steve's question: Farrell, I'm curious. From my vantage point, I see a deeper field playing higher quality golf. I don't believe 12 under will win this tourney. Do you really think the guys will par the next 2 days?"
Steve, you could be right but it all depends on if the wind comes up. Torrey is always a deep field. I predict 15 or 16 under to be the winning score. 5:50 P.M. To Reader Steve: "As of now, Tiger is T 27th 8 shots off the pace. I think you should obsess on Stewart Cink. He is also T27th 8 shots off the pace. That evidently is the story isn't it? Let's focus on winners, not has beens. How about we stop Tiger headlines until he actually does something. Oh, I forgot, it's not about sports reporting, it's about ratings and everyone does love to watch a train wreck. Bill Haas, Anthony Kim, John Daily, Phil, Rickie Fowler – hey those guys are actually playing some pretty good golf! Memo to sports writers, if you would talk about those guys, people would get to like them and root for them. But when you obsess on Tiger, you create a self-fulfilling prophecy that the non golf fans who only watch when Tiger is on, continue to believe that golf is only about Tiger."
Steve, Your point is well taken but Tiger earned our attention in 1999 and  2000 and 2001 when he was the best to ever play the game. Now that he's not so great he's still a very compelling story and we'll follow him until he decides to quit playing full-time. Do we obsess over him? Maybe but like I said he's earned it. 5:43 P.M. Tiger was semi-plugged in a greenside bunker on the 17th hole. This was his fourth greenside bunker of the day and finally he got one up and down with a curling 20-foot save.  5:36 P.M.  To Reader Shoshana: " Seriously outside of Tiger on '08, the winning score every year has been between 11 and 13 under (and second to Tiger in 08 was 11 under)"
Shoshana, it's probably true that Bill Haas is a rabbit and by Sunday afternoon 11 or 12 under will be the winning number, but psychologically it's never good for a player to see himself 7 or 8 shots off the lead late on Friday. 5:30 P.M. After three bogeys on the back nine, Tiger made a birdie at 16 to get back to 5 under par. 5:26 P.M. Bill Haas is showing some mercy on the field. He bogeyed his 17th hole but has the par 5 9th to get back to 12 under.  5:23 P.M. To Reader Jimmy: With all this talk about if Tiger can return to dominance, I wonder if it is out perspective. Now whenever there is a performance like today everyone is saying "see he lost it" or "he won't be back". Assume Tiger didn't have last year and the turmoil – would we say the same thing about today or would we just think he was off a little?
Jimmy, TW is definitely off a little. And it's hard to know when he'll play to his full potential over FOUR rounds. Consistency is what he's lost not the gift. 5:17 P.M. Tiger made another bogey at the 15th to drop to 4 under for the tournament. At this rate he's going to have to shoot 14 under on the weekend to win the tournament.  5:10 P.M. To Reader Cav: The new tiger? Good lord five holes ago you were saying this is starting to look good. You can't judge a round or a tourney, most definitely a player by small stretches so save the opinion man
Buddy, I like Tiger more than anyone. He's the best ever. My question is what do we think about him not being the dominant player that he once was. He'll still win and win a lot over the next 15 years, but he's probably not going to ever be as dominant. 5:08 P.M. Tiger's drive at 15th went right and from 200 yards from the trees he found the bunker left behind the green.  5:05 P.M. To Reader Roebedf: "South course is tougher right? Back 9 is hurting him. We'll see how it goes. Which course will the weekend be played on?" The South Course is historically the harder tract and the event will be played there over the weekend. 5:03 P.M. To Reader Oliver:  "I don't think 3 under per day will get him any more than a top 10."   Really? Please review the history of winning cores at Toreey Pines over the years. 12 under will get him a Top 5, at the very least.
I can't believe we are talking about Tiger getting a freaking Top 10! 5:00 P.M. Tiger saved his bogey to drop to five under par and seven shots off the lead. The new Tiger? 4:55 P.M. Bill Haas is now 12 under par after a birdie at the par 5 6th hole on the South Course. 4:50 P.M.  Tiger looks tired and like he needs a bunker lesson. He flubbed his third shot from a greenside bunker, his second bunker miscue of the day. He's got to make a 6 to 8 footer to save bogey. 4:48 P.M.  Tiger can't even keep that little stinger in the fairway. On the 14th he guided one into  a left fairway bunker. 4:45 P.M. To Reader Steve: What are you talking about in this blog????? Tiger is exactly where he was yesterday! 5 shots off the lead.He is playing better than last year, but he has just barely cracked the top 10. He's not going to enjoy having everyone wilt around him like he used to. If he is going to win, he will have to play better. I don't think 3 under per day will get him any more than a top 10
Steve, I agree with you. Right now he's playing good enough to rack up a lot of Top 10s. Can we live with Tiger being a good Top 10 player? Can he live out that reality? 4:41 P.M. Phil is in the clubhouse at 8 under after 3 under 69 today. He's in a tie for third with Bubba Watson. Tiger saved his par with a six-footer after  four mediocre shots on the par 5 13th hole.  4:34 P.M.  To Reader Guy: If Daly is around the top by end of day….how much chance do we give him on Sunday? JD and Tiger in last group? could be the start of a movie!
Big John is so unpredictable. He could go 12 under over the weekend over 12 over. It just depends on his state of mind. 4:30 P.M. Tiger just hit his left shot on the par 5 13th. He's trying not hit it right so he flips his hands and hits it left.  4:27 P.M. Bill Haas is 11 under par and two shot clear of Anthony Kim. We've talked so much about the Rory McIlroys and Ricki Fowlers and Anthony Kims that maybe we have overlooked Bill Haas. 4:24 P.M. Tiger saved his par at the 12th hole but he's definitely been fighting his swing over the last few holes. Yet even when he's winning by 14 he seems to always be battling his a game  a little bit.  4:20 P.M.  Tiger has a six-footer for par after a fairly straightforward chip on the 12th.  Daly got a shot back with a birdie at the 6th hole on the South Course. He's at 8 under. AK had about 60 feet for his birdie putt, which he was able to get up and down. 4:17 P.M. Mickelson moves to 7 under for the tournament after a birdie at the 8th hole.  4:14 P.M. Tiger is bleeding a little bit. At the 12th on the South Course he has found a fairway bunker off the tee. No way he gets to the green from that lie. He has 210. His miss today is right. If he keeps struggling with that shot look for him to start flipping his hands to square the clubface. That's his left shot.  4:11 P.M. Dustin Johnson hit his drive 50 yards past Mickelson on the 8th hole at the North Course. 4:10 P.M. AK made his first bogey of the day and Tiger gets his first one of the week, dropping to 6 under. 4:07 P.M. From the greenside bunker, Tiger chunked it, leaving it in the sand. Bill Haas has made four birdies in a row to go to 11 under to take the lead with a few par 5s coming. 4:04 P.M. To Edward AXE: Tiger doesn't talk to anybody? Umm, that is contradictory to what most gofl media says. He is apparently pretty chatty with several of the players, including the Euros.
I should have been more clear. Tiger talks on his terms–when he feels like talking. It's almost like players are grateful to have his company and attention. I've seen it too many times. 4:00 P.M. Tiger short sided himself on the par 215 yard 11th hole. He's got a tough 30-yard up and down to save his par. AK hit it 20 yards left and Rocco, who is probably headed home tonight, missed it 30 yards right. 3:58 P.M. Bill Haas has joined AK in the lead at 10 under. He's five under for the day. But Kim is in trouble at the Par 3 11th.  3:56 P.M. Big John just four-putted the 4th hole on the North Course to fall back to 7 under for the tournament. I hope this is not the free fall that we have come to expect from him. 3:54 P.M.  AK has 32 putts in 28 holes. He's now 10 under and alone in the lead with six birdies on the card today. 3:52 P.M. I've always liked AK's swagger but thought that he became a little too big for his slight resume. I get the ENTOURAGE thing. I mean who doesn't want to support his buddies with boos and girls and nice cars. It's a nice perk. But you need to become a regular winner before you started walking around like you have Tiger money and trophies. 3:50 P.M. Playing with Tiger, AK had about 130 and stuck it about 2 feet from the hole. He would take the outright lead with a birdie. 3:47 P.M. At the 10th hole, Tiger split the fairway with that little stinger that he loves so much. From a 154 he left his approach about 25 feet from the cup.   3:43 P.M. To Reader Cameron: Any news if Tiger and Jesper have crossed paths so far? I know JP had some harsh words for Tiger seeing as he was the one who introduced him and Elin … just wondering …
I saw Jesper last week at the Hope. He's playing off of Top 50 All-Time  Money list exemption. He has no sponsors. He's definitely flying under the radar. Tiger doesn't talk to anybody. He's like the Queen. And Jesper knows this.  So I doubt even if they were at the bathroom sink together there would not be much conversation.  3:37 P.M. Tiger short-sided himself on the second shot but hit a nice flop to 15 feet and then misread another putt to leave the hole with a disappointing par. 3:31 P.M. Kirk has made his first bogey of the day to fall back into a tie with John Daly in the lead. 3:30 P.M. AK had 280 to the green on the 604-yard 9th hole. He left it in a greenside bunker. Tiger hit a stinger from 279 and missed in a rough area around the green.   3:26 P.M.  On the 604-yard Par 9th hole, Tiger has crushed his drive and is positioned well in the fairway to get it home in two. Tiger is as long as anybody on tour, well almost as long. Admittedly he's said that the Bubba and Robert Garrigus are out of his reach. 3:20 P.M. To Reader Mark in Cold Canada: I think big JD should play angry all the time,Just look how well he is playing today GO JD GO !
I don't know that JD is angry as much as he is tired of not playing well. So for the first time in a long time he's making some putts. He feels like he should get rewarded for taking better care of his body. 3:18 P.M. TW narrowly missed his 29-footer on the 8th hole.  3:13 P.M. Tiger is on the green at the par 3 8th hole, but he has tough putt. TW is definitely thinking a lot over the ball, deliberating over the old and new golf swing.  3:11 P.M. John Daly has gone to 9 under with a birdie at the par 5 1st hole. He had about six inches of break from left to right, a real tricky putt. Go Big John. 3:10 P.M. To Dr. Beeper: No doubt he'll be a billionaire, but I'm not so sure he'll want or need to be designing courses in China. (Nor will he want to be playing the Senior Tour – that was a joke…) Now if Perkins opens pancake houses in Shanghai, that's a different story…The Perkins line was a low blow. 3:07 P.M. Tiger and Brian Davis are the only players in the field without a bogey.   3:06 P.M. To Reader Chuck: The weekend rounds are played on the South Course.  3:04 P.M. Tiger missed the putt at the 7th hole. It was a misread. 3:03 P.M. From 129 yards on the 7th hole, Tiger hit his approach to six feet. This would be his fifth straight birdie. 3:01 P.M. To Reader Dr. Beeper: Maybe some pharmaceutical company will lure Tiger to the Senior Tour with endorsements for TW-branded products – Tiagra, anyone? Gatorade and Nike did it, so why not Pfizer?
In 15 years when Tiger turns 50, he will be a billionaire building golf courses in China. 2:58 P.M. To Reader Brian:  Do they keep the same pin positions for the NC & SC for rounds 1 & 2? 
No, they change the pin positions daily.  2:56 P.M. John Daly is back to 8 under after make an easy birdie on the Par 5 18th on the North Course. He's making the turn. I'm excited about seeing him on the leaderboard. I love his clothes, for him. I didn't say they were for everybody. 2:54 P.M.  To Mark in Cold Canada: Tiger will not play the Senior Tour.  2:52 P.M. Tiger goes to 7 under, three shots back of the leader, Chris Kirk, who is four under for the day. Tiger has his old Scotty Cameron back in the back after experimenting with a Nike putter. 2:48 P.M. From a little less than 20-yards out of the bunker, Tiger hit it to about 4 feet for his fourth straight birdie. 2:45 P.M. From Reader JOSH OHIO: Tiger is not a happy camper..remember match play when he took it personal on Steven Ames. I see him having one of his best years..maybe not matching 2000 but something close..He thrives on proving people wrong and will do it at least 10 times this year with wins.
Josh, Tiger is accustomed to winning. That's all he's done all his life. So for him to get back to his normal he has to win golf tournaments. That's probably more important to him than his personal life. 2:43 P.M. Tiger has put his second shot into the greenside bunker at the Par 5 6th hole. He had 257 to the pin. 2:41 P.M.  Fowler is a shot back of Kirk and due to win on Tour. He's probably the most famous player in the world without a pro win. What does everybody think about him as a player? 2:37 P.M. To Minusskater: We will agree to disagree. It's a great leaderboard. Lots of name brand vets with some good young players. To Shane: TV ratings are important. The Tour has to do a new TV contract with NBC and CBS after the 2012 season.  2:35 P.M.  On the North Course, Mickelson has 6-footer for eagle on the Par 5 1st hole to get to 7 under. BIg John has made his first bogey to fall back to 7 under. 2:31 P.M. Chris Kirk is the leader at 9 under. Kirk, another rookie, won twice last year on the Nationwide Tour. He had a 7th place finish at the Hope last week. Right after  Johnny Vegas he's the best rookie on tour at this point.  2:27 P.M.  Tour Rookie Ben Martin, who was second at Q-school, is 6 under for the tournament. Martin is a good young player. He's all about feel, a natural swinger of the golf club. Watch out for him. 2:24 P.M. This a really sexy leaderboard. If it holds up through this weekend we could have some great TV ratings. 2:20 P.M. Tiger Woods has made 3 birdies in a row to get to 6 under after making a long putt on the 5th hole.  AK finally made a par. John Daly has made his third birdie of the day and he's tied for the lead at 8 under. 2:16 P.M. Bill Haas is 7 under for the tournament coming off a second place finish last week at the Hope, where he won last year. Haas is quietly becoming a real nice player. He's got his dad's polished manners and good tempo but way longer off the tee. Young Bill carries a 2-iron. I asked him why he didn't carry a hybrid and he said that he doesn't like "looking down at loft."  We should all be so gifted. 2:12 P.M. Fowler and rookie Chris Kirk have joined AK in the lead at 8 under.  2:10 P.M. From Reader Matt: "I don't really agree that it was all TW's short game last year. His ball striking was awful. He ws 165th in driving accuracy and 157th in GIR, while he was 58th in putting. Not good, but his long game was much worse."
Matt you are statistically correct but Tiger has historically always depended on his short game to save him from some poor ball striking in some critical spots in major championships.  2:05 P.M. Dustin Johnson is four under for the tournament , playing on the North Course through 8 holes. I expect him to have a great year with a little better luck in the final round of the majors. It couldn't get worst. 2:03 P.M.  Trying to keep pace with AK, Tiger makes his own birdie at the fourth hole to get to 5 under for the tournament.  2:01 P.M. AK has made four birdies in a row to take the lead at 8 under par. He has just 24 putts in 22 holes for the tournament.  2:00 P.M. Kang has made a bogey to  him into a tie for the lead at 7 under with five players including AK, Fowler and Big John. 1:57 P.M.  Tiger hit his approach at the long par 4 fourth hole on the South course to within 10 feet. He's so comfortable at Torrey Pines that it's probably not fair to use this week to determine fully that his game is back on track.  1:54 P.M. Big John has gone to 7 under after a birdie at the par 5 14th on the North Course. 1:51 P.M. Bubba Watson, playing on the North Course, is four under for the day and five under for the tournament. Watson is ready to be a great player, physically, but I'm not sure how bad he wants it. He's a really well-rounded and grounded guy. 1:48 P.M. It's remarkable how well the players are putting on these poa annua greens, which are typically tough for most of the guys.  1:45 P.M. John Daly has birdied 13 on the North Course to go to 6 under and two shots off the lead. He has the Par 5 14th next. AK just made his third straight birdie to go to 7 under. Mediate makes birdie too to get back to 1 under after a three-putt bogey at the first. Tiger joins the birdie train with a 3-footer to get to 4 under par headed to the par 4 fourth hole. 1:41 P.M. Tiger has hit it to tap-in range on the par 3 third hole. He and AK are friends and Nike battery mates so they are very comfortable around each other. Rocco is there for the show. He's even par for the tournament. 1:34 P.M.  Tiger made another testy par save at the second hole and is bogey-free for the tournament. AK has back to back birdies headed to the 3rd hole. He two back of the leaders at 6 under. 1:32 P.M.  Rickie Fowler has dropped out of the lead with Kang after a bogey at the fifth. Kang, a rookie, is on the South course at the 1st hole.  1:28 P.M. AK hit his is approach from a 150-yards on the second hole to 4-feet. At the other end of the spectrum, Tiger had just 113 yards to the green after he bombed a 3-wood off the tee, but he left his approach 35-feet from the cup. 1:23 P.M. John Daly is hanging in there. After a 67 yesterday he's even par for the day after two holes today. Big John can still hit the ball a mile but through the years he's lost a ton of touch around the greens. And by his own admission he's a horrible putter. 1:20 P.M. Billy Mayfair is 3 under for the day and five under for the tournament.Philk Mickelson is 4 under for the tournament after failing to make a short birdie on the par 5 14th. He is 1 over for the tournament after making a bogey on his second hole of the day, the 11th, on the North Course. 1:16 P.M.  Tiger saved par at the first with a sliding 7-footer. Kim went to 5 under with a birdie. AK loves the crowds and playing with Tiger. His natural swagger goes up a few notches when he's on the big stage. 1:13 P.M.  Right now the cut line is at 1 under par. I think if tournament were held exclusively on the South course it might be 2 or 3 over but the North Course gives up a lot more birdies than its sister course. 1:10 P.M. Tiger is playing again with Rocco Mediate and Anthony Kim. Tiger has gone from bunker to bunker on the first hole. Yesterday his swing look solid but he struggled on the greens. A lot of us having been talking about his golf swing, but his short game is really what failed him last year. I can't remember ever seeing him miss so many short putts. 1:04 P.M. Welcome to the Second Round at Torrey Pines. Tiger Woods has started his round at the 1st hole on the tough South Course after a first round 3 under 69 on the North Course. Sunghoon Kang, who tees off in 20 minutes, is in a share for  the lead at -8 with a surging Ricki Fowler.

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