Top 100 Teachers weigh in on state of Tiger's game

Top 100 Teachers weigh in on state of Tiger’s game

P1-tiger_298x348 This week, we asked Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers to tell us what Tiger Woods’s performance at the Chevron World Challenge said about the state of his game. Here are the results of the poll: He’s back: 15% Need more info: 13% Work in progress: 64% He’s in trouble: 8%
Many of the Top 100 teachers were outspoken in their belief that regardless of the state of Woods’s game, one thing is certain: he will never again dominate golf.
Here are some of the most interesting comments:
“Tiger is at an ultracritical juncture. The West Coast swing will be the tell of all time.” – Tom Patri, TP Golf Services
“What I liked about the last two holes of the tournament is Graham did to Tiger what Tiger did to many players — hole long putts at the right moment. Now he knows what that feels like.” – Craig Shankland
“I am suspicious of the things he is working on in his swing with Sean Foley. I just don’t think he will dominate as he did before.” – Anne Cain
“This was a hit-and-giggle limited field event and he couldn’t get the job done with the big lead!” – Steve Bosdosh
“The talent pool is far too deep for Tiger to reign again.” – Bill Madonna
“When was the last time Tiger lost a four-shot lead on Sunday by getting outplayed?” – Mike Lopuszynski
“The dominance he once had in the intimidation department is GONE!!!!” – Mike Malaska
“His aura now only receives lip service.” – T.J. Tomasi (Photo: Gus Ruelas/AP)

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