Truth & Rumors: Photo of Tiger's awkward chip becomes Web sensation

Truth & Rumors: Photo of Tiger’s awkward chip becomes Web sensation

 If you didn't watch every second of the Ryder Cup, you might have missed what was possibly the worst shot of Tiger Woods's career, but you've probably seen the photo of it by now.
After missing the green at the par-5 18th hole at Celtic Manor's 2010 Course on Friday, Tiger waded into the gallery to attempt a tricky pitch shot out of the trampled down, wet rough to the left of the green. After caddie Stevie Williams created an alley, Tiger set up to the shot, made a few waggles and then duffed it so badly that it flew about five yards and hit a photographer before falling back into the rough.
Tiger barely reacted, but Johnny Miller wasn't shy about calling it "embarrassing." Regardless, the fallout from the shot was another shot – a photo actually, taken by none other than the photographer who got beaned by Tiger's miscue, Mark Pain of the Daily Mail. The photo, seen below, has gone viral.
It captures not only a pretty amazing view of the ball as it appears to be heading straight at the camera, but a few equally amazing facial expressions, including that of Tiger himself, Stevie Williams (far left), and the second coming of Groucho Marx (far right).  Tiger ball at camera Boom Baby! A Ryder Cup star is bornThe 2010 Ryder Cup was a classic for a lot of reasons, including Euro Team captain Colin Montgomerie's handling of the press, some crazy weather delays and a photo finish that featured U.S. Open champ Graeme McDowell once again standing up to intense pressure by dispatching Hunter Mahan.
Ricky Fowler's four consecutive birdies at the end of his match with Edoardo Molinari were pretty scintillating as well. But Indiana native Jeff Overton arguably stole the show with monster drives, a pop putting stroke that had Johnny Miller raving, an aw-shucks attitude and an entourage from Evansville unlike anything the Euros have ever seen. 
On top of all that, Overton finished with a 2-2-0 Ryder Cup record that included a four-ball win (with Bubba Watson) over Luke Donald and Padraig Harrington and an impressive singles win over Ross Fisher. He also managed to earn what might be the greatest nickname in the history of golf.
The Hawk, The King, The Golden Bear, and El Nino are all pretty solid, but it's hard to top Overton's newly minted Boom Baby. If you watched the Ryder Cup at all you likely heard Overton's unique moniker thrown around, but you might not know exactly where it came from. Check out the video below to be enlightened. 

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