Garcia doesn't think he deserves a captain's pick...yet

Garcia doesn’t think he deserves a captain’s pick…yet

While Corey Pavin has made it clear that there will be no free passes given out to the American Ryder Cup team, Colin Montgomerie has played his cards a little bit closer to the vest. He has been especially vocal about the struggling Sergio Garcia, who he believes will make the European squad more competitive, even if he's not at his best. According to Mark Garrod of, at least one Tour player might disagree with Monty's assessment: Sergio Garcia.

European team captain Colin Montgomerie, who will have three wild cards
to hand out at the end of August, has made no secret of the fact that
he thinks a side with Garcia in it is stronger.

But the Spaniard stated on Wednesday: "If it was right now I would probably talk to Monty and tell him what I am feeling.

"I would only accept to go if I felt that I was the best choice. It's
the team that counts and if I thought that any other player could do a
better job than me I would certainly decline.
"At present I don't think that I am the best choice, but we still
have a few months to go and hopefully things will change. I hope he
does not need to pick me!
"I feel like I am getting better. My putting definitely is, but I've
been struggling with my ball-striking and when that happens the alarm
sirens go because I've always been a good ball-striker."

I'm impressed with Garcia's comments. While he's absolutely correct that his play this year
(and last) shouldn't put him at the top of the list of potential captain's picks, his modesty (even if it's false modesty) is in sharp
contrast to the petulance and lack of self-awareness that
seemed to define his early career. I don't, however, agree with him: the European team is better with Garcia. We all
know that past production isn't always a predictor of success (just ask
David Duval), but Garcia's reputation as a Ryder Cup slayer is
well-earned. Even with his poor play this year, Garcia is still 10th in
the European standings, and at 14-3-3 he's the most dominant Cupper in
recent memory. He belongs out there, even if his game isn't at top

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