Watson has advice for Tiger…on and off the course

Watson has advice for Tiger…on and off the course

PGA legend Tom Watson has joined the litany of Tour players
chiming in on Tiger’s matrimonial disharmony and eventual return to the game, and
he tells Kansas City's NBC Action News that the world’s No. 1 golfer
doesn’t just need to work on his behavior at home. After describing Woods’s
current personal fiasco as “bad for our game,” and “something that he needs to
get control of,” the 8-time major winner took a shot at some of Tiger’s ungentlemanly
conduct on the course.

“His swearing and his club throwing, should, that should
end,” said Watson. "That’s not part of what we want to project as far as the
professional golf tour is concerned.”

In case you were wondering, this is not the first time the
Kansas City native has taken Tiger to task on his manners. In September, Watson
that he dropped Woods a note about his behavior at some point last
summer, although Watson described the letter as “personal," and wouldn’t share
the details at that time.

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