Alan Shipnuck's Golf Mailbag: A mission statement

Alan Shipnuck’s Golf Mailbag: A mission statement

Shipnuck_66x80 One of the defining web columns of our time, the Hot List, is taking a sabbatical. Its lonely author is hoping to do something more interactive, a weekly conversation among, well, not exactly friends, but definitely fellow golf fanatics. For lack of more original thinking, we shall call this the Golf Mailbag. (Ship’s Nuts barely missed the cut.) It will be published on Tuesdays, beginning Aug. 4, except for the weeks when said author turns it in late, or is on vacation, or is faking “computer trouble." No subject will be out of bounds, though hopefully the author will refrain from such obvious wordplay in the actual column. From perusing the comments that already litter, the author expects to be mocked, belittled, and made the object of unrelenting scorn, and really that’s part of the appeal in doing this. You, the valued reader, shall be treated with exactly the amount of respect you deserve. (Take that for what it’s worth.) Hopefully there can be some enlightening exchanges and the author can provide penetrating analysis and keen insider’s observations. (And no, not just on the topic of Tour wives.) Ideally we can look back at the week that was and ahead to the week that is. The author will sprinkle his gold dust upon his keyboard on Monday afternoons, so do try to post relevant questions in the comments section below before then. For those readers whose musing are not validated with a response by the esteemed author, surely this will induce flashbacks to the 8th grade dance, when you sat alone in the bleachers, feeling rejected, but remember this: only the Mailbag offers the promise of weekly redemption. In other words, post away.

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