Sergio Garcia says split with girlfriend, Greg Norman's daughter, hurt his game

Sergio Garcia says split with girlfriend, Greg Norman’s daughter, hurt his game

Sergio Garcia has been struggling with his game these past few months for the oldest reason in the world: a broken heart.
Garcia, who was in Turnberry this week, confirmed that he'd split with
Morgan-Leigh Norman, Greg Norman's daughter, in mid-March, which is
when his game started to go into a tailspin. Once a threat to overtake
the injured Tiger Woods as the World No. 1, Garcia now fights for the
third spot with Paul Casey and Geoff Ogilvy, well below Woods and Phil
Mickelson. John Hopkins of The Times (UK) has the authoritative report on the breakup, including who dumped whom. (Morgan initiated the breakup). Speaking at Turnberry, where the Open will be held in July, [Garcia] said that it
had been her decision to part. He gave a deep sigh as he described his
discomfort on the golf course. “Myself, when I am not feeling happy on a
golf course and not up for it, that is the way it is. You can’t do anything
about it. I can’t do well. Obviously the break-up with Morgan didn’t help.
You get over some things. Others take a little longer.
“It was her doing, not mine, and it happened the week of Miami. It is
unfortunate, one of those things. Do I still think of her all the time? No.
It is pretty much back in the past now.”

Garcia, who gets criticized for his sometimes ill-advised comments and immature behavior, spoke about a painful time in his life in a naked way you don't often hear at a media news conference.

García said at Turnberry that he had not seen Ms Norman since the end of their
affair. “We are still friends but no, we haven’t spoken since then. We have
not telephoned. Obviously, because of the situation I would rather not talk
to her, because when you are trying to get over a relationship it is
difficult. But I don’t have a feeling of hate against her.”

Asked whether being in the public eye made it harder to deal with his
emotions, he replied: “No, I wasn’t sad because my relationship was public
because everybody knew about it. I was sad because of my feelings. It is
within me. It is in my heart. I am not thinking what other people are
thinking about it. I am thinking what I am thinking about it. At the end of
the day a relationship is still a relationship.”

Hopkins reports that Garcia appeared cheerful at Turnberry and said
he was feeling happier. Why not? He's young, rich, handsome and has
the world's best pickup line: Would you like to go for a ride in my

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