'Jake Trout' makes TPC appearance

‘Jake Trout’ makes TPC appearance

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. — Peter Jacobsen was in an ebullient mood as he greeted players outside the scoring hut at TPC Sawgrass on Thursday. It's not just that he's lost quite a bit of weight (he endorses a weight-loss product and shouted at one caddie, "Call me and we'll lose some LBs!") And it's not just that Jake gets to do television commentary with NBC this week as he recovers from recent rotator cuff surgery.The real reason for his buoyancy: Jacobsen, formerly lead dimple-head in Jake Trout and the Flounders, has become a music impresario. The chatty Champions Tour pro was handing out CDs by Amy Biery, who happens to be his oldest daughter. Her debut album, called "Learning to Walk" (a nod to her son named, wait for it, Jake), features executive producer Peter Jacobsen playing guitar on track 6, and none other than Bruce Hornsby playing piano on track 7.But what do we call the senior circuit's new mix-master? Jake Z? Jake Daddy? And can someone please get this man some bling? 

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