Step away from the Pimento Cheese sandwich!

April 8, 2009

Whenever you bump into Gary Player at Augusta National Golf Club, you can't help but feel guilty about that second cookie you just ate in the press center. Player, 73, and playing in his 52nd and final Masters, is all about good health. Vegetables. Whole grains. Push ups. Sit ups. He is golf's Jack Lalanne, and he isn't shy to tell you that.April8_sandwich_600x399 "More people in the world are dying from obesity than from war," said Player, who could probably bench press Craig Stadler and Tim Herron.

What is a golf scribe to do? Augusta, Ga., is heavy on Whole Life Christian bookstores, not Whole Foods supermarkets. Sure, there are a handful of apples and bananas at the course, but it is the pimento cheese sandwich that dominates at Augusta: two pieces of white bread, thick yellow cheese, tiny specks of pimento. They never run out of those sandwiches here. There are millions of them, wrapped in green (what else?) cellophane.
Through two days at the course, I've had two sandwiches. That means I'm on pace for six.
Please don't tell Gary.Photo: Fred Vuich/SI